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External ballistics

To calculate elevation and windage for long-range hunting and target practice, we developed this MS Excel spreadsheet: pejsa ballistics.xls, which provides a bullet trajectory table in scope MOA. Revised 29 January 2001 to show time of flight and to warn of sub-sonic or trans-sonic bullet speed. Also available as a compressed file: excelbal.zip (9 kb).

For field use, this spreadsheet will print a small MOA trajectory and windage table to stick on a gunstock. For techno-junkies, the spreadsheet will run on a WindowsCE or Psion hand-held computer so you can adjust for atmospheric conditions, wind speed, etc. in the field. For use with a rangefinder, the spreadsheet can be used to calculate windage and elevation MOA for any particular range in addition to the usual tabular output.

Methods and formulae used in this spreadsheet were developed by Prof. Arthur J Pejsa, http://www.pejsa.com/

Internal Ballistics

WinLoad/Wingyro is a useful free program, written by Bisley gunsmith John Knight. It does internal ballistics and bullet stability/rifling twist calculations.

Last updated: July 25, 2017