Glenswinton aerodrome

55°02.855'N        004°01.906'W    520 ft AMSL

Glenswinton airfield data sheet

WGS84 coordinates

55°02.855'N        004°01.906'W    520 ft AMSL

7 nm NW of Castle Douglas


TLA (113.8)         224°       35.8 nm

Runway      Dimensions (m)       Surface       TORA    LDA(m)      Lighting

03/21           430 x 15            Grass/Gravel       Unlicensed         By arrangement

Operating hours

0900 local to sunset, or PPR for H24.

Approach slope guidance

White-painted PASI boards indicate 4-deg short final approach slope for 03. For info Google "Passive Approach Slope Indicator" or just remember: "two boards high, you're too high; two boards low, you're too low".


Private airfield. Visitors welcome at their own risk.
Prior permission not required for daytime ops, but call for briefing if you wish.
Average 3% upslope on runway 03.
High ground to North (890 ft AMSL) and East (1040 ft AMSL) of airfield.
If radio-equipped, make blind calls to "Glenswinton Traffic" on SAFETYCOM 135.475 MHz.
For video clips showing the airfield and surrounding countryside, please see our YouTube and/or Vimeo channels.

Noise Abatement Procedures

Inbound and outbound flight paths are strictly at the aircraft commander's discretion.

Preferred NAP: join overhead or as appropriate and fly a tight rectangular or tear-drop circuit to avoid overflying dwellings other than Glenswinton Farm. On departure, fly a climbing turn over uninhabited land. For examples, please see our YouTube channel and/or our Vimeo channel.

Additional GPS waypoints

1/2-mile final:

 55°02.32'N  004°02.36'W  (HAG BRIDGE)

03 threshold:

 55°02.769'N  004°01.974'W  500 ft AMSL

Military Low Flying

The airfield is situated within operational low flying area LFA20(T). Flight crew are advised to consult the MoD's Operational Low Flying timetable for LFA 20(T) and/or contact the MOD Low Level Advisory Service and to squawk 7000 with Mode S or C on approach and departure.


Corsock AWS (3 nm East of AD):
Surface wind speed at Glenswinton is usually about 1.3 times the value in the Corsock METAR.


Experimental webcam and webcam #2 generally show conditions on final to runway 03:

If you can see the distant skyline, we have good VMC.
If you can only see as far as the hill in the centre of the picture (Barend Hill), it's marginal.
If you can't see Barend Hill, forget it!

Camera position, orientation, picture quality and availability may vary.



Landing fee


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Castle Douglas
Scotland  DG7 3NL

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